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CTIEC Signed EPC Contract for 3300t/d Cement Production Line of Mongolia MIZU LLC Company
04. 27, 2009, 19 : 3

Recently, a signing ceremony of 3300t/d cement production line EPC contract was held at third floor of Traveler Inn HuaQiao Beijing, which was invested & constructed by Mongolia MIZU LLC Company and general contracted by CTIEC. Mr. Amalkhaan Erdenebat, chairman of MIZU LLC, and Mr. Ma Mingliang, general manager of Beijing Triumph Building Materials Engineering Design Co., Ltd, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Other attendees were Mrs. Yaoyan, general manager of CNBM, Mr. Weifeng, general manager of international department of CNBM, Mr. Kh.BATTULGA, minister of Urban Construction, Construction & Communication Ministry, Mr. Odbayar, the third secretary of Mongolia Embassy in China, Mr. Bateer, chief representative in China of Mongolia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Zhang Yihe, CTIEC foreign business consultant, Mr. Teng Zhujian, vice director of foreign cement department and Mrs. Wangqi, deputy economic manager of Beijing Triumph.
MIZU LCC Company, owner of this project, is an independent legal entity company in Mongolia, which mainly focuses on mineral mining and possesses many mining licenses, including mining ownership of "Tsagaan Chuluut"limestone mine (License number 13648X,14089X,14088X). CTIEC and its branch Beijing Triumph undertook this project's feasibility study in Sep., 2008 and made the survey on site construction condition. According to the demands of Mongolia cement market and construction conditions of Mongolia mine, water and power supply, etc, Mongolian party agreed that construction scope is 3300t/d cement production line based on Chinese party suggestion. The construction site is in East Goby Aymag, Mongolia and construction period is 36 months according to the plan.

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